Common A Beautiful Revolution Pt2

Common A Beautiful Revolution Pt2

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Release Date 10/09/2021

Common sat down with XX on TODAY this morning to chat about his new music and revealed his latest album title and release date LIVE on air. He also performed the hit 1st single off the album, “Imagine” on the morning show. Watch the performance here! “Imagine” dares listeners to imagine a world the way it should be. One where people treat each other with respect, listen to diverse points of view, and whose actions are community minded.


Of the release Common said, “A Beautiful Revolution Pt. 2 was created with hope and inspiration in mind. The spirit of the album was meant to emulate what a greater day would sound and feel like. We were in the midst of some tough political and socially challenging times. There was still hurt, anger and pain lingering, so I was thinking, “what is the next step in this revolution?” I thought about what being still in these times had brought me and that was a peace beyond understanding, a greater love for self, a closer connection with God, and more appreciation for my family, friends and the simple things in life. I wanted to write about that and create music that embodied that. What does a new day, a brighter day feel like being told through an emcee and some gifted musicians? How could this music be an example of the beautiful aspects of revolution that include joy, self-love, compassion, dreams, peace and good times? As a piece of art, I believe we took it to different places musically only to come back to the original intention. To bring joy to people’s hearts, fun to their lives and smiles to their souls.


A BEAUTIFUL REVOLUTION Pt. 2 will be available in vinyl and CD formats on Friday, December 10, 2021. Standard weight vinyl housed in a vibrant single sleeve jacket with UV gloss. The CD will be housed in a handsome jewel case package showcasing the album's vibrant artwork. Pre-Order here!



1. Intro (Push Out The Noise) featuring Jessica Care Moore
2. A Beautiful Chicago Kid featuring PJ
3. When We Move featuring Black Thought and Seun Kuti
4. Set It Free featuring PJ
5. Majesty (Where We Gonna Take It) featuring PJ
6. Poetry featuring Marcus King and Isaiah Sharkey
7. Saving Grace featuring Brittany Howard
8. Star of The Gang featuring PJ
9. Imagine featuring PJ
10. Get It Right
11. OUTRO (Exclamation Point) featuring Morgan Parker



Common is an artist, actor, author and activist. With a storied career spanning three decades, his work has been recognized with numerous GRAMMY® Awards, as well as an Emmy® and an Academy® Award for the song "Glory" which he co-wrote and performed with John Legend.


His latest album, A BEAUTIFUL REVOLUTION Part 1 was released in October 2020 through Loma Vista Recordings. The album was written as music to go with a movement. It shares the message that through a pandemic, racial and social justice protests, and a polarizing election, people can still lead with love and positivity, even when there is still so much work to be done.


Common’s album LET LOVE was released in August 2019. The album was inspired by his work and experiences while writing his second memoir, LET LOVE HAVE THE LAST WORD, which was released May 2019. The memoir was quickly deemed a New York Times best seller in its first week of release. This book follows his first memoir, “One Day It’ll All Make sense” which was released in 2011 and was also a New York Times best seller.


Common’s 11th studio album, BLACK AMERICA AGAIN, was released November 4, 2016 on ARTium/Def Jam Recordings. The album includes socially conscious single, “Black America Again” featuring Stevie Wonder and the anthem “Letter to the Free,” the end-title track to Ava Duvernay’s powerful Oscar-Nominated documentary 13TH, for which he also received the 2017 Emmy for “Best Music and Lyrics.”


For the past few years, Common has dedicated countless hours and has been deeply engaged in social justice and advocacy work around mass incarceration, mental health, and voting. After the success and impact of his Imagine Justice concert in 2017 and his Hope & Redemption Tour to eight different prisons, Common decided to establish and launch Imagine Justice as a new nonprofit in 2018. Centered at the intersection of art and activism, Imagine Justice is dedicated to leveraging the power of art to advocate for communities around the country, to fight for justice and equality and to stand united against injustice wherever it appears.


Through his Common Ground Foundation, Common is dedicated to empowering high school students from underserved communities to become future leaders. The foundation operates educational programs in Chicago that focus on character development, healthy living, financial literacy, social impact, technology, and leadership.  The programs include mentoring and college readiness, summer camp, and an annual Youth Business and Leadership Conference. The foundation students have a 100% graduation rate from high school.