Sun Ra Space Jazz

Sun Ra Space Jazz

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A solar flare of cosmic sounds heralded the rising star Sun Ra when the pianist, composer and band leader first shone over the musical landscape in the 1950s and 1960s. He caused quite a stir with innovative albums that introduced electronics, special effects and unusual arrangements into a jazz world that sometimes slid into comfortable conservatism, despite its radical roots. This comprehensive collection of the best recordings from the formative stages of his career, enables the listener to hear with fresh ears the legendary Mr. Ra’s unique contribution.

LP 1

SIDE ONE 1. The Beginning 2. India 3. Bassism 4. Ancient Ethiopia

SIDE TWO 1. Sun Song 2. Saturn 3. Transition 4. Call For All Demons 5. Lullaby For Realville

LP 2

SIDE ONE 1. China Gate 2. Looking Outward 3. Medicine For A Nightmare 4. Brainville 5. New Day

SIDE TWO 1. Where Is Tomorrow 2. Horoscope 3. Of Sounds And Something Else 4. Jet Flight 5. Portrait Of The Living Sky 6. Fall Off The Log

LP 3

SIDE ONE 1. Kingdom Of Not 2. Blues At Midnight 3. Street Named Hell 4. Velvet 5. What’s That

SIDE TWO 1. Hours After 2. Future 3. Possession 4. Tapestry From An Asteroid 5. Space Jazz Reverie